A Gift Of Chappals Class 7 Part-I English NCERT Solutions And Extra Questions

A Gift Of Chappals Class 7
A Gift Of Chappals Class 7

A Gift of Chappals NCERT Class 7 HoneyComb Book Chapter 2 Summary And Explanation

Mridu is a young girl growing up in Madras (now called Chennai) with Tapi, her grandmother, and Thatha, her grandfather. One afternoon Tapi takes her to her aunt Rukku Manni’s house to meet her cousins Lalli, Ravi and Meena.

A Gift Of Chappals _Introoduction

This time, a girl named Mridu went to her relatives’ house with Tapi, her grandmother. When Rukku Manni, the girl’s aunt, opened the door, Ravi and Meena, her cousins ​​rushed out and brought Mridu inside.

Mridu took off her slips and put them neatly next to another slip. However, before he could think and ask who they belonged to, Ravi dragged him into the backyard to show him something secret.

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A Gift Of Chappals Class 7 The chapter – A Gift of Chappals

Smiling Rukku Manni threw open the door. Ravi and Meena rushed out, and Ravi pulled Mridu into the house. “Wait, let me take off my slippers,” protested Mridu. She set them out neatly near a pair of large black ones. Those were grey, actually, with dust. You could see the clear mark of every toe on the front part of each slipper. The marks for the two big toes were long and scrawny.

Mridu didn’t have much time to wonder about whose slippers they were, because Ravi dragged her to the backyard, behind a thick bitter-berry bush. There, inside a torn football lined with sacking and filled with sand, lay a very small kitten, lapping up milk from a coconut half-shell.

“We found him outside the gate this morning. He was mewing and mewing, poor thing,” said Meena. “It’s a secret. Amma says Paati will leave for our Paddu Mama’s house if she knows we have a cat.”

“People are always telling us to be kind to animals, but when we are, they scream. ‘Ooh, don’t bring that dirty creature here!’ ” said, Ravi. “Do you know how hard it is just to get a little milk from the kitchen? Paati saw me with a glass in my hand just now.

I told her I’m very hungry, I want to drink it, but the way she looked at me! I had to drink most of it to throw her off the scent. Then she wanted the tumbler back. ‘Paati, Paati, I’ll wash it myself, why should I put you to trouble’, I told her.

I had to run and pour the milk into this coconut shell and then run back and wash the tumbler and put it back before she got really suspicious. Now we have to think of some other way to feed Mahendran.”

“Mahendran? This little kitty’s name is Mahendran?” Mridu was impressed! It was a real name, not just a cute kitty-cat name.

“Actually his full name is Mahendravarma Pallava Poonai. M.P. Poonai for short if you like. He’s a fine breed of cat. Just look at his fur. Like a lion’s mane! And you know what the emblem of the ancient Pallava kings was, don’t you?” he looked expectantly at Mridu.

Mridu giggled.
“Think I’m joking? Well, just wait. I’ll show you sometime. It’s clear you don’t know a thing about history. Haven’t been to Mahabalipuram, have you?” he said mysteriously. “Well, when our class went to Mahabalipuram, I saw a statue of his that he’s that’s… etcetera, etcetera… Fact is, Mahendran here is descended from that very same ancient cat.

A close relative, scientifically speaking, of none other than the lion. The Pallava lion, emblem of the Pallava dynasty!” Ravi went on, walking around the bitter-berry bush, waving a twig up and down, his eyes sparkling.
“This cat is a descendant of none other than the Mahabalipuram Rishi-Cat! And if I may just remind you, they reshipped cats in ancient Egypt!”

How he loved the sound of his own voice! Meena and Mridu exchanged looks. “What does that have to do with anything?”
Mridu demanded.
“Huh! I’m telling you this cat is descended… from the Egyptian cat-god… no, goddess! Bastet!
Ya! That’s it!”
“Well, one of the descendants of that cat-goddess was a stowaway in one of the Pallava ships, and his descendant was the Mahabalipuram Rishi-Cat, whose descendant is —” Ravi flourished his twig at Mahendran “— M.P. Poonai here… whoop EEK!” he shrieked, very pleased with himself.

Mahendran looked up, alarmed. He had just been sharpening his claws on the edge of the coconut shell. But worse than Ravi’s awful whoop EEK was a ‘Kreech…!’ from the window. What a weird sound! If Mridu was startled, M.P. Poonai was frightened out of his wits.

Hair standing on end, he bounced up and scurried towards a bamboo tray of red chillies
that had been set out to dry. Trying to hide beneath it, he tipped a few chillies over himself. “Mi-a-aw!” he howled miserably.

The ‘reaching went on and on. “What’s that noise?” said Mridu.

“That’s Lalli learning to play the violin,” grunted Ravi.

“She’ll never learn a thing. The musicmaster just goes on playing like a train whizzing on and on, while Lalli’s all the time derailing! Going completely off track!”

A Gift Of Chappals Class 7 Comprehension Check Question Answer

Q. 1) What is the secret that Meena shares with Mridu in the backyard?

Ans: Meena shared the secret of the cat they found in front of their house and kept it in their yard.

Q. 2) How does Ravi get cat milk?

Ans: Ravi brings milk to the kitchen saying he feels hungry. He even drinks most of it to prove to Paati that he is really hungry. He then brought a nail into the back of the house and poured it into a coconut shell.

Q. 3) Who do you think the ancestors of the cats are? Do you believe him?

Ans: Ravi said the ancestors of the cat were the lion of the kings of Pallava, Mahabalipuram Rishi-Cat with the symbol of the kingdom of Pallava. No, I can’t believe his story.

Q. 4) What was a noise that frightened Madrid and shocked her Mahendran?

Ans: It was the sound coming from Lalli’s violin that shocked Madrid and shocked Mahendran.

A Gift Of Chappals Class 7 Extra Questions:

Q. 5) The music manager makes lovely music. Read aloud a sentence from the text that illustrates this point.

Ans: The master-master notes seem to be floating high and are firmly entrenched in the visible tracks of the music.

Q. 6) Did the beggar come to Rukku Manni’s house for the first time? Give reasons for yours.

Ans: No, the beggar had been coming to Rukku Manni’s house last week. The petitioner himself confirmed this, saying that he had been with us for a week because of the kindness of Rukku Manni.

Q. 7) “There was a sharp V-shaped cord between his eyebrows.” What it implies about you Rukku Manni’s situation?

Ans: A V-shaped line indicates that Rukku Manni was very angry and almost angry with the children.


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