1 Old Man: Short Stories For The Very Emotional Best Example

Indeed, friends, everyone has such an old banyan tree in their house. Taking care of the family is exhausting. Let such elderly grandparents or parents live as they please Because for the rest of their lives, they have lived with a broken heart just for you Is there such an old man in your house…

1 Old man: Short Stories For You really read this article.

It was half-past eight in the morning. I was sitting on my mobile. I was texting on Facebook to see if anyone had a birthday. The wife wanted to go to the office So her hours were running. Mom was making breakfast in the kitchen. Anna (my father Old man) and Revati (my six-year-old daughter) had gone for a morning walk in the Society’s garden.
“Oh, take a happy bath, The water is hot.”

That was the mother’s voice. That’s how I said yes in five minutes.
“What is in that mobile? I have been holding the mobile in my hand all day.”
Mom was blabbering (chatter) on.

At that moment, Revati’s voice came out “Daddy brought the mangoes lying there.” As soon as I heard the sound, eight fell on my forehead.

I had moved into my own flat two months ago. I had moved into my own flat two months ago. Revati and my wife were living in a rented flat in Pune. Revati rang the bell from outside and I quickly got up and opened the door. Anna (Father) and Revati came in and closed the door. I turned to Anna and she had brought fifteen to twenty mangoes. Some of the mangoes had sprouted from the tree.

“Anna (Old man) doesn’t know why you picked up the fallen mangoes.”

Old man

“Oh, there are no discarded mangoes, they are mangoes lying under the tree,” said Anna (Father Old man).

“Let it be. Quit the begging habit that you now live in a flat.” Otherwise, Revati will also get those habits.

Anna was taking out mangoes from the bag without saying anything.

“And yes, I don’t want to wear crumpled clothes anymore.” “Throw away that hollowed-out vest first. Leave the sign of poverty and be a little better.” You have to listen when Baba asks you to stay in your house now.

“Hey Anna, I make more money in one year than you have in thirty years.”

So be it Don’t be frugal. And yes another one just like you don’t sit down at the gate chatting with the Watchman The people in the society look at you, It doesn’t look good. No matter how much they do, they do not want their servants to be so close to them.

My mouth strap was on. And Anna took the mangoes she had brought in to wash inside.
My mother was listening to everything I said but her work was going on without saying anything.
Shortly after, the wife left for the office.

Now my mother Anna and Revati were the only four of us in the house. Two o’clock in the afternoon in a similarly hot atmosphere. After the meal, I sat down again with my mobile phone in my hand. Mom was sitting on the mat across the street. Revathi was playing with her dolls, laying out her toys. Anna got up from her chair and brought the mangoes she had brought in the morning. They put all the mangoes in one bag and I pretended not to see them. Seeing the mangoes, Revati approached Anna.

In fact, she also wanted to eat mango, but I was silent because I was angry. As Anna gave her a mango, she started eating it.

“Wow, how sweet mangoes are,” said Revati.

And my attention went there. I simply said, ‘Is mango really that sweet?’
“Yeah Daddy is sweeter than the box mango you brought last week”
I started taking photos of her eating mangoes on my mobile.

That’s how Anna called me, ‘You used to love Pada mangoes as a child’ So you left school on purpose He used to come home from Patla’s Amrai (mango farm) and bring the mangoes lying in Amrai (mango farm) to your school bag. Patil picked up the fallen mangoes but no one was talking.

Seeing that Anna was talking, I put my mobile aside. The mangoes you brought as a child were covered with soil Otherwise, even if the mangoes were eaten by birds, you would still like them.

Now that you have the money, you don’t want it all You don’t like our crumpled rags, The village was in a state of famine Then dinner in the market yard at just three-course meals During the shift, I was a watchman during the shift, a watchman at night and a tailer during the day. Your mother washes the dishes of four houses but never touches anyone. Oh, the watchman of our society is only a man and if he gets lucky, he will become a master like you.

“Oh man, we just have to be human. Look at us.” So I’m chatting with that Watchman. This is how it is from the beginning. “But a mother knocks on her chest and says, I caught you and raised six kids but never cheated a single rupee.”

“It was like a ripe mango falling in the rain of yesterday’s storm, That’s how these old birds will fly out of your life.” ‘How many days have we left now?’

I was listening with my head down.
In the meantime, she turned her attention to her mother, who was wiping her eyes with a blanket.
With tears in my eyes, I put my hand in front of Anna and said to Anna

“Anna (Father), give me a sweet mango.” His face began to look wrinkled as a smile blossomed on Anna’s face.

Indeed, friends, everyone has such an old banyan tree in their house. Taking care of the family is exhausting. Let such elderly grandparents or parents live as they please Because they have lived their lives for the rest of their lives just for you.
Thank you.


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