A Letter To God Class 10 Important Best Question And Answer

A Letter To God Class 10 BEFORE YOU READ: They say faith can move mountains. But what should we put our faith in? This is the question this story delicately poses. Lencho is a farmer who writes a letter to God when his crops are ruined, asking for a hundred pesos. Does Lencho’s letter reach […]

The Squirrel Best Poem Class 7 Questions And Answers

The Squirrel NCERT Solutions For Class 7 English Honeycomb Poem: You may have seen a squirrel sitting on the ground eating a nut. What did it look like? Here is a poet’s description of just such a squirrel. The section begins with the body description of the squirrel. The square is grey so the poet […]

Short Stories TOMB RAIDER Best Hollywood movie in 1 Hindi film

Tomb Raider English film | टॉम्ब रेडर अंग्रेजी फिल्म | Tomb Raider Story About लारा क्रॉफ्ट (एलिसिया विकेंडर), एक लापता साहसी की बेहद स्वतंत्र बेटी, जब उसे उस द्वीप का पता चलता है, जहां उसके पिता, लॉर्ड रिचर्ड क्रॉफ्ट (डोमिनिक वेस्ट) गायब हो जाते हैं, तो उसे अपनी सीमा से परे खुद को धक्का देना […]

Three Questions Class 7 Best Summary English CBSE 1 Toppr

Three Questions By Leo Tolstoy Summary: A king has three questions and he is seeking answers to them. What are the questions? Does the king get what he wants? The three questions are the story originally written by Leo Tolstoy. It was also reported on the objectives of the school curriculum. Leo Tolstoy is a […]

Descent Part 3 Updates: The Horror 1 Best Film Sequel Happen? in Hindi

Descent 3 Full Movie In Hindi | एक डरावनी क्लासिक है लेकिन इसका सीक्वल जबरदस्त था, तो क्या द डिसेंट पार्ट 3 कभी होगा? दूसरी फिल्म एक बड़े क्लिफेंजर पर समाप्त हुई लेकिन क्या द डिसेंट पार्ट 3 कभी होगा? निर्देशक नील मार्शल ने 2002 के डॉग सोल्जर्स के साथ अपनी फिल्म की शुरुआत की, […]