Kathmandu Class 9 CBSE English Best Chapter 10 ExplanationAndMeaning

Kathmandu Class 9 CBSE English Beehive Lesson 10 Description Notes: Kathmandu CBSE Class 9 English Beehive Study – Detailed description of the ‘Kathmandu’ lesson and definitions of difficult words. Also, the description is followed by a summary of the lesson. All exercises and Questions and Answers provided after the lesson have been included.Introduction:Author Vikram Seth […]

Poem Green Snake NCERT Best Solutions for CBSE Class 9 English

Poem Green Snake The Snake Trying of Introduction And Summary: The poem Green Snake was originally written by BR Lakshman Rao and translated into English by AK Ramanujan. In the poem, the poet describes an incident in which the poet saw a green snake near his house. Her parents kill her at the same time […]

Maria Sharapova – Part II | Best Stories CBSE Class 9 English

Maria Sharapova – Part II Top Best Stories Summary And Explanation: A Russian girl, Maria Sharapova, reached the summit of women’s tennis when she was barely eighteen. As you read about her, see if you can draw a comparison between her and Santosh Yadav. Reaching the Top is a historical story that tells the life […]

The Duck and the Kangaroo Best Pome CBSE Class 9 English

The Duck and the Kangaroo Summary: This is a humorous poem of a kind known as ‘Nonsense Verse’, by Edward Lear. Read it and enjoy. “Duck and Kangaroo” is a poem written by Edward Lear. Edward Lear was a writer, singer, musician, illustrator, and poet. He was best known for his nonsense about writing poetry. […]

Packing Best Stories CBSE Class 9 English

Packing Best Stories Summary, Explanation: Do you like going on trips? What kind of trips do you enjoy most?a) How do you feel about having to pack for a trip?b) Have you ever discovered on a trip that you have forgotten to pack a few things you very much need, or that you can’t find […]

No Men Are Foreign Best Pome CBSE Class 9 English

No Men Are Foreign Best Pome Explanation, Summary: Have you ever thought of some people as strange, or other countries as ‘foreign’? We have many ways of thinking of other people as different from ‘us’, as ‘them.’ ‘They’ may belong to a different country, or speak a different language. In this poem, however, the poet […]