Short Stories For Kids best Indian soldier This incident happened about 21 years ago

Short Stories For Kids Indian soldier Captain Vikram Batra…!! The soldier hero died in the Kargil war and his first memorial day

Short Stories For Kids Indian soldier This incident happened about 21 years ago
Short Stories For Kids Indian soldier This incident happened about 21 years ago
Let us always remember the history of this sacrifice Celebrate the Real Activists and not Just Celebrities. Martyr Captain Vikram Batra, we are proud of you.

This is One Short story For This incident that happened about It’s been almost a year. A letter came to the Ministry of Defense from a village in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

The letter writer introduced himself as a teacher in the school. In the letter, he writes that his only son had died a heroic death in the Kargil war, and his first memorial day is coming up in a few days, and if possible on the occasion of his first memorial day,

Want to see If it is not possible for national security reasons, they are ready to withdraw their request, he said in the letter. The departmental officers in the Ministry of Defense who read the letter thought that the Ministry would not allow the cost of such a visit,

But considering the sentiments and sacrifices of the heroic mother-father, the officer decided to pay for the trip and visit from his own salary and issued an order accordingly.

On the day of martyrdom of this hero, this elderly hero-mother-hero was honoured in the place where his only son died heroically. All the soldiers present there were alert and saluted in their honour. There was only one soldier who had a lot of flowers in his hand.

He put his head on the teacher’s feet and laid flowers. He wiped his eyes and then he stood up just as cautiously as the others and gave a stern salute.

The teacher was shocked and said… “You are an honourable officer… why did you touch my feet and worship me..? You could have saluted like everyone else and I would have responded to that salute…!! ” “No sir. I’m a little different here than everyone else,

Which means everyone here is on duty and has been assigned here for the past year or less.”
“I had fought with your valiant son against the Pakistani enemy on the same mountainous ridge in the same regiment, and I had witnessed your son’s heroic deeds with my own eyes. And that’s not all…..”He paused for a moment…..

The teacher held the soldier’s hand and said, “Tell me… tell me whatever is on your mind… but I won’t cry…” “I know you won’t cry sir… but I don’t want to cry…” the soldier continued…..

“Pakistani soldiers were firing hundreds of bullets every minute with their heavy machine guns. The five of us cautiously stepped forward to a distance of about thirty feet, and somehow stood up, leaning against the large rock. Pakistani soldiers were watching us.

They will probably see a small part of our limbs or back and they will be ready to shoot at us. There was still a delay in the arrival of other soldiers of the brigade.

We didn’t know what to do…!! Then….. ”The soldier let out a sigh. “What happened next…?”

Stories For the Captain Vikram Batra father’s…

Stories For The soldier continued, “I said,” They will continue firing. There is no point in wasting time. He runs towards it and destroys it by throwing a grenade. When the bunker is destroyed, you all take possession of it.

As I was getting ready to run towards the enemy’s trench with a hand grenade in my hand, your son looked at me and said “Are you crazy ..? Your wife and children depend on you and I’m still single.”

“I face the enemy and you give me cover,” and without waiting for an answer, he forcibly snatched the grenade from my hand and ran towards the enemy’s bunker.

Pakistani heavy machine guns (H.M.G.) rained bullets like rain. His son missed the firing and reached the Pakistani bunker, removed the grenade pin, threw it directly into the bunker and sent thirteen Pakistani soldiers to Yamasadna.”(directly killed)

“Heavy machine guns stopped raining bullets and the area came under our control. ”
“I am the first person to pick up your child’s body. Sir, forty-two bullets had penetrated his body, Sir. He took his last breath only after I held his head in my hands.

I asked my superiors to give me the responsibility of delivering his body to your village, but sir, I was refused and I was sent on another important task.”

“Perhaps I would have had the privilege of shouldering this hero on his last journey, and I would have laid these flowers at his feet. I couldn’t do that. But I got a chance to put these flowers at your feet, sir. And the soldier let out a sigh.

The teacher’s wife was wearing a sari and was shedding silent tears. The teachers did not cry. They looked at the soldier seriously and the soldier did not shed these tears and he looked at the teacher.

I don’t know exactly what the teacher thought. He took a puddle out of his shoulder bag and gave it to the soldier, saying, “I bought a shirt for my son when he was on vacation. But he did not come. And there came the news of his heroic death.”

“Now who will wear that shirt… I had brought that shirt to put where he took his last breath. Maybe I believed that my son’s soul would come to this place someday and he would wear a shirt, but now I know who wants to wear this shirt.

Please take this without denying it.”
Tears welled up in the soldier’s eyes. He stepped forward and accepted the puke (packet) with the shirt.
The last words of the Kargil hero were Jai Hind.
Name of Kargil Hero: Captain Vikram Batra.
Hero’s father’s name: Girdhari Lal Batra.
Hero’s mother’s name: Kamal Kanta.
Martyr Captain Vikram Batra, we are proud of you.
Jai Hind.

The Indian soldier Vikram Batra
Short Stories For Indian soldier Vikram Batra

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