The Squirrel Best Poem Class 7 Questions And Answers

The Squirrel
The Squirrel

The Squirrel NCERT Solutions For Class 7 English Honeycomb Poem:

You may have seen a squirrel sitting on the ground eating a nut. What did it look like? Here is a poet’s description of just such a squirrel.

The section begins with the body description of the squirrel. The square is grey so the poet says he is wearing a “grey coat,” and his tail is twisted as a question mark. In addition, the poet describes a favourite food of the square. She likes to eat nuts. The poet loves the game of hiding between it and the square. If he got too close to the square, the squirrel would hide in the opposite direction.

He wore a question mark for tail,
An overcoat of grey,
He sat up straight to eat a nut.
He liked to tease and play,
And if we ran around his tree,
He went the other way.


The Squirrel Poem Class 7 Questions And Answers:

Q. A) Why does the poet say the squirrel “wore a question mark for tail”? Draw a squirrel, or find a picture of a squirrel
sitting on the ground. How would you describe its tail?

Ans: The poet says that the squirrel had a question mark on its tail because the squirrel’s tail shape is similar to the question mark.

Q. B) Do we usually say that an animal ‘wears’ a tail? What do we say? (Think: Does an animal wear a coat? Consult a dictionary if you like, and find out how ‘wear’ is used in different ways.)

Ans: We often say that an animal has ‘features’ given rather than ‘dress up’. The poet, however, uses the word ‘dress’ to denote the outer features of the square. The definition of the ‘dress’ dictionary suggests something about the outer cover, for example, clothing.

Q. C) “He liked to tease and play”. Who is teasing whom? How?

Ans: The poet loved to mock and play with the square. Every time the poet got a little closer to the square, the squirrel would run away to the other side.

Q. D) What is the resemblance to a grey coat?

Ans: The squirrel’s body is compared to a grey coat.

Q. E) Discuss the shape of the square as discussed in line 3 of the poem.

Ans: The squirrel ‘stayed straight’ to eat a nut. In some cases, a square is usually run at the curved back.

Q. F) What happens to a squirrel when someone gets too close to his tree?

Ans: The squirrel would run away to the other side if a person got too close to his tree.

Q. G) Now that we have seen the squirrels around us, can we say that the squirrel is a fast-moving animal?

Ans: Yes, by looking at the squirrels around us, we can say that the squirrel is a fast-moving animal. It is not uncommon for us to encounter squirrels sitting motionless, except when they bite the nuts. We often see squirrels running from one place to another with great force.

Q. H) What does the poem say about choosing a poet’s title?

Ans: This poem reflects the poet’s desire to compose poems on the many common things we experience in our day today. The squirrel is the most common animal we see around us. However, very few of us would have thought of it as a powerful story of the author’s pen.

The poet discusses very easily the various aspects of the square, which each of us should have been paying close attention to.

The Squirrel Additional Questions and Answers /(Best Poem Class 7)

Q. 1) Give the same word ‘love’ in the context of the poem.

Ans: Enjoy

Q. 2) Mocking is the poet’s way of …… and square.

Ans: play

Q. 3) Use the word, ‘run’ in your sentence.

Ans: It is a joy to see children running in different ways while playing in the garden.

Q. 4) Choose the appropriate adjective to describe the nature of the square.
(a) They play (b) They are rude (c) They bring in (d) They are jealous

Ans: (a) Play

Q. 5) Point to ‘he’ in the first line.
(a) Poet (b) Squirrel (c) Watcher (d) Farmer

Ans: (a) Poet

Q. 5) Who went the other way?
(a) Poet (b) Squirrel (c) Watcher (d) Farmer

Ans: (b) Squirrel


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