TROY Best Film

TROY Best Film

TROY Best Film is a Fantasy, Adventure, Length English Film

The abduction of beautiful Helen, wife of Spartan King Menelaus, by Paris of Troy triggers a long war.

The story of the 10-year siege of Troy by the Greeks is told after the young prince of Troy, Paris, has an affair with Helen of Sparta, the wife of the Greek king Menelaus.

There were several images that were important in the movie. Helen really stood out to be the most beautiful woman at that time but there were a lot of differences from the text. In the movie, what she showed the audience was a childish lady who suddenly turns into a flirt. Sometimes, it is also hard to grasp her true emotions probably because this flirt image has enveloped her identity in the movie.

What I admired about Paris was not his cute face. It is true that he looks fit for the character of Paris but what’s more to that is you could see in his face his passion for whatever he’s doing and saying.

The image of a “pretty boy” was really fit for him. I am very fascinated with how Agamemnon was able to internalize his character very well. He portrayed a king who was really greedy but also showed a soft side. His facial expressions were also stunning especially his eyes.

His portrayal of Agamemnon’s character was constant all throughout the movie. Menelaus’ identity was hard to depict because his identity in the Iliad was not totally exposed. What was admirable in him in the movie was his being a nice man or prince. I saw in him the change from the beginning of the movie to the end.

You could see in him his sincerity in changing. Although Hector only had a small part, he was able to show the audience a noble Trojan. His image in the movie was different from the original text.

He was not the strongest Trojan and he was even overpowered by his brother, Paris. Achilles was a totally different character. He was just a war and bloodthirsty warrior in the movie. It’s as if he’s just a bully in Helen of Troy.


The technical aspects for me were not that good. The voices were hardly audible. Sometimes, it’s as if the actors and actresses were just murmuring to each other although the background music was suitable for the movie.

It made you imagine what it was like before and how it felt during that time. There were scenes that were too dark that the characters could not be seen anymore but the shade of colours used was suitable for the time being illustrated in the movie.

There were angles wherein a character was blocking someone else and it made it so hard to feel and see what’s really happening but there were also shots that were nice. This was particular with the wooden horse.

The angle of the shot made the wooden horse look so majestic and the audience would really be in awe with how the Greeks were able to come up with that plan and how they were able to make that wooden horse.

Overall, Helen of Troy is something worthwhile to watch not only because of Paris’ look but also because the movie gave explanations on how things came to be and it brought its audience closer to the “reality” of the Iliad.

TROY Best Film


It has been mentioned three times that Troy is the gateway to the riches of Byzantium. The city of Byzantium was founded in 667BC five centuries after the Trojan War.

TROY Best Film

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