V Computer 15.6 inch Assembled Desktop [ I3 2nd Gen / 4 GB Ram / 500 GB Hard Disk ] with Windows Anti Virus and MS Office (Trail)

Price: ₹39,999.00 - ₹19,650.00
(as of Oct 27,2021 07:31:30 UTC – Details)

V-info  Desktop computers are unique for specific purposes. Every V-info Desktop computer designed for different work environment. Our desktop computer can be classified for various purposes, depending on the usage and the needs. We request you to go through the recommended usage manual for more information.

This desktop computer is designed in such a way to meet the basic level of professional &  learning purposes. We have used the best components for the desktop computer, which results in the best latest low-price CPU available in the market.
Recommended Usage

Office Usage
Nowadays, all the documents, either in the workplace or for safekeeping, have been maintained in desktop computer in the form of word, excel and power point presentations.
Learning Usage 
Nowadays,computer technology is associated with modest but statistically significant and persistent negative impacts on student math and reading test scores. Further evidence suggests that providing universal access to home computers and high-speed internet access would broaden, rather than narrow, math and reading achievement gaps.

Browsing Related works
The desktop computer provides a high level of reliability for easy and persistent browsing usages, and you can eventually find desktop to be more user-friendly.

Accounting works
Gone are the days that the accounts were maintained in a log book. Now, the account stored in the desktop computer provides accurate and safe calculations of accounts that could be allocated in more than enough storage space for them in the desktops.

Why V-info?
The components used for our V-Info desktop computer are of incredible quality and sourced from the reputed brands. Our Desktop PC support will give you hassle free work environment.
V-Info Computer Assembled CPU with WIFI Adapter