Vitamins Rich Food 1 Number – Get Your Food Full Of Nutrition

Foods rich in vitamins (Indian food ingredients)

After beating the almond drum for many years, it is now being said that,

‘Eat almonds, but only from California.’ What kind of nutrition do you get from these almonds that you don’t get from your almonds?

The amount of iron in almonds is 5.09 min. Gr.! (५.०९ मि. ग्रॅ.) So more than the available sesame seeds is more than 9.3 mg. (मि.ग्रॅ.)

Watermelon seeds are as essential as almonds. Sesame seeds are more balanced. From peanuts – 3.90 min. Gr. And 12.20 min. Gr.!

Calcium, which is nutritious for bones, is obtained from almonds for 230 minutes. Gr., 1450 min from sesame seeds. Gr.!(मि.ग्रॅ.). 

Importantly, 100 grams of sesame seeds can be eaten throughout the day, But how to eat 100 grams of almonds? 

And how to digest even if eaten? Still, everyone said, ‘Eat a handful of almonds!’ This is stated in advertisements. Then it will bite or bite you!


An apple a day keeps the doctor away?

The propaganda describes the supernatural properties of vitamin C obtained from kiwis and apples; Which is largely true. 

But how much Vitamin C is actually obtained from these fruits?

Apples are obtained in just 1 min. Gr.!(मि.ग्रॅ.). A little better than a foreign apple 8 to 10 mg. Kiwi yields 63.96 min. Gr…

Compared to that, we get much more ‘C’ vitamins from the easily available Indian fruits.

Such as Chinch (Tamarind) 108 min. Gr.,

Cashew fruit 180 min. Gr.,

Peru (Guava)212 min. Gr. And

Amla(Gooseberry) 600 mins. Gr.

Magnesium, which nourishes blood vessels, blood vessels and nerves

Potassium, which nourishes the muscles (alternatively the heart muscles),

Many nutrients like zinc enhancing the immune system and fertility are compared to these fruits. and foreign apples cannot stand in front of Indian fruits.

What is broccoli? 

What are the health benefits of broccoli that are not found in your vegetables? Cilantro (Coriander leaves)(4800 micrograms), 

Alu Vadi (Steamed Colocasia/Taro leaf rolls) (5920 micrograms)

Vitamins Rich Food - Get Your Food Full Of Nutrition
Vitamins Rich Food – Get Your Food Full Of Nutrition

And Math(Amaranthus Palmeri),(careless weed amaranth) (8340 micrograms), Less than a pound (623 micrograms) Beta-carotene is obtained from broccoli. Folic acid required for blood formation is higher than broccoli (63 micrograms) Much more is obtained from spinach, math (Amaranthus Palmeri),(careless weed amaranth) and  Cassia tora(टाकळ्याची भाजी रानभाजी). Broccoli is much weaker than Indian vegetables in providing various vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc etc., protein etc.

Vitamins Rich Food - Get Your Food Full Of Nutrition
Vitamins Rich Food – Get Your Food Full Of Nutrition

So why do people buy broccoli?


More than 56 types of leafy vegetables and more than 44 types of flowers and fruits are grown in India are grown in foreign lands by the locals.

Why eat vegetables like broccoli that are stored in ice and do not give any special nutritional value after digging?

Why do Indians need oats?

But basically where cholesterol is suspected to be linked to blood clotting and alternatively heart attack, Why eat oats there? In a country where rice, sorghum, millet, sorghum, wheat, barley are grown, why do they eat grains that do not grow in their soil?

Importantly, oats do not provide much more nutrients than these grains.

More healthy calories than oats (361) are obtained from millet (389).

From oats (11) more quarts is obtained from millet (11.3).

Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, which are essential for Indians, are obtained from oats more than oats.

Not because of rice, but because of refined rice, Indians are becoming obese. 

The food we provide is our rice. The important thing is that while eating Varan-Bhat, dal-roti, bhaji-bhakri, dosa-sambhar, you eat those grains along with pulses, vegetables, herbs and digestive spices. And in a pretty completely natural form. In contrast, the nutrition obtained from oats is solitary. When oats come in front of us, it is a substance that has been artificially processed; From which sugar, salt, preservatives also go into your stomach. Which can invite various ailments.

If we increase the consumption of indigenous grains like Nachani and Bajra, their consumption will also increase and we will have a small hand in stopping the suicides of the farmers who grow their crops.

Tell me the merits .. what are the faults?

Apart from this, a very important point is that the properties of oats, cereals, olive oil, kiwi, etc., are very much discussed. But what is their fault, it is never said. Constipation and constipation caused by apples, growing cold and chills in the body, throat disorders caused by the acidity of kiwi, Oats slow down bowel movements, digestive disorders and constipation, fatty acids in oats interfere with intestinal absorption of calcium, zinc and iron, Breakfast cereals also increase the risk of obesity and obesity. 

Should Indians turn a blind eye to all the health problems caused by almond constipation and olive oil biliary disorders?

Why aren’t these food hazards mentioned while beating the drums of your products? 

He also has a financial side. In 2015-16, India had to pay Rs 1,755 crore to buy foreign apples. India’s purchases of olive oil are expected to touch 13,500 tonnes this year. Assuming a profit of just 200 per cent per litre of olive oil – Rs 200, if 13,500 tonnes of oil is sold, it will fetch Rs 2,700 crore. So much will benefit the sellers.

Indians need 1.17 crore tonnes of edible oil.

Olive oil accounts for less than 0.1 per cent; Which are being systematically attempted to increase. If the share of olive oil, which Indians do not need, in their consumption of edible oils goes up to ten per cent, then it is better to imagine how huge the profit will be for foreign countries. 

If you were to import breakfast cereals, edible oils, staples, vegetables, fruits, and nuts from the United States and Europe, you would not be able to imagine how much or how much it would affect your country’s economic balance sheet and overall economic stability. . This is necessary to expose the economic damage to the country caused by foreign food and the possible threats to the health of Indians.

Today the world is getting closer. So it is okay to enjoy food from different countries as a change in taste. However, if it becomes a part of our daily diet, it will definitely improve our health. According to Ayurveda, a diet that is patriotic, that is, naturally in your region, is conducive to your health. Foods cooked in all foreign regions are unlikely to complement your health; On the contrary, it will be a constraint. It will also cause various diseases.

Another important point is that these same Westerners taught their ancestors to eat white, refined rice instead of red rice; They are now singing the praises of red rice, convincing them of the dangers of white rice. These same Westerners taught their ancestors to brush their teeth with toothpaste, calling them ignorant. And now they are asking if there is salt in the same toothpaste.

It was he who made the last two generations sick by feeding them vegetable ghee and then began to tell them how dangerous plant ghee is.

He also said that coconut oil increases the risk of cholesterol and heart attack; And today, they are telling us how coconut oil gives longevity. Eating jaggery causes worms, said the Indians. And now they are saying that sugar causes many diseases.

How to trust the diet of Westerners whose opinions on diet change every time? That too by our Indian countrymen who have benefited from a rich health tradition like Ayurveda and a rich diet-culture?

Happy healthy life

Thank you!!!